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Welcome to the Filipino-Canadian CommUNITY of New Brunswick Inc.
FCNB Induction of Core Group Officers
Written by Administrator   


FCNB Induction of Core Group Officers

Three FCNB Representatives Appointed as Fredericton City Ambassadors
Written by Arthur Jaucian   

Roland Moreno, Josie Mooers, Arthur Jaucian - Fredericton Business Ambassadors


Fredericton City is home to very talented and sociable Filipinos and other immigrants. We have been promoting the city to many people for many years. Thus, when we received an invitation from the City Government to be officially involved in its promotions, we readily accepted the offer. 


Three FCNB representatives (Roland Moreno, Josie Mooers, Arthur Jaucian) were among the sixty-five new members welcomed into the Fredericton Business Ambassador Program during a ceremony at City Hall on June 9, 2010.  People of different races, countries and backgrounds came to the activity.  “We now have 340 dedicated citizens who have made a commitment to promote Fredericton as a smart, sustainable city whenever and wherever they travel,” said Councillor Stephen Chase in welcoming the newest ambassadors (quoted from Fredericton City Website). “All of us on City Council are extremely appreciative of our Fredericton Ambassadors who are out there helping us promote our great city.”


As “One of the World’s Top Seven Intelligent Communities” (ICF), Fredericton is home to over 70% of the province's knowledge industry, over 60 R&D organizations, and Canada's largest per capita engineering cluster.  Fredericton is Canada's first free, wireless city with Fred-eZone. With the 4th highest university-educated population in Canada, Fredericton has a skilled, young workforce to meet your needs! Fredericton is also earning international attention for its sustainability initiatives geared towards reducing the City’s ecological footprint.  In Fredericton, one can also enjoy a balanced lifestyle with abundant recreational and cultural amenities, short commutes and affordable, safe living. You can see why the City was named three years running as “One of Canada's Best Places to Live" (Moneysense) and the 2009 Cultural Capital of Canada (Government of Canada).

Miramichi Asian Fair Thank You Letter
Written by Administrator   

Thank You Letter from Miramichi


Miramichi Asian Fair Performance
Written by Arthur Jaucian   


It was a very beautiful Sunday  - May 2, 2010 - when three carloads of Filipino-Canadians travelled in a  convoy from Fredericton to Miramichi, New Brunswick. The Filipino CommUNITY of New Brunswick (FCNB) had been invited by the Miramichi Multicultural Association to make a cultural presentation as part of the Asian Heritage 2010 celebrations all over Canada.



The actual travel to Miramichi was a very pleasant one - everyone enjoyed the informative conversations and gossips while we passed such lush green scenery and beautiful mountains, rivers and valleys. We enjoyed the sunshine that we missed during the winter.



As its official website would put it, the City of Miramichi is a new  dynamic city, which was formed through the amalgamation of five municipalities and several rural areas to form the new City of Miramichi in 1995. Miramichi is known as the City of Festivals. The City serves as the gateway to world-renowned salmon fishing and hunting. The population of the City is 18,129 (2006 Census), making it the fourth largest in the Province of New Brunswick. Although English is the dominant (80%) language, many (19%) indicate knowledge of both English and French.  Among the Cities in New Brunswick, Miramichi has the second highest per capita expenditure on recreation, leisure and culture). The City offers approximately 22 kilometres of walking/hiking/biking trails, many along the beautiful Miramichi River, French Fort Cove a 500 plus acre multipurpose nature park located in the centre of the city, two indoor pools, two arenas, an 18 hole golf course, two marinas,  numerous ball parks, soccer fields, tennis courts, curling club, fitness centres, libraries and museums.



It was great meeting with other Filipinos in the city – Randel, Joseph, Randy and Jomar in particular. Kilig sa buto ang mga chicks na kasama namin. They had prepared a table with delicious Filipino food (rice, chicken adobo, bihon, etc.) They not only served the food with gusto, they even enthralled the audience on how to cook the food. They made it look so easy!



The cultural presentations by FCNB were the highlight of the day. The troupe danced the Paypay de Manila, and both slow and fast Tiniklings – all of these can be viewed on You Tube (Grace and Adrian Performance) .  A strong round of applause came from the enthralled audience.



The trip to Miramichi was concluded with a visit to one of the most beautiful and photogenic wharves of the city, followed by an uneventful travel back to Fredericton.




Asian Heritage Cultural GALA 2010
Written by Administrator   

4 June, 2010

Filipino Community

Dear Performers and Partners,

The Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick (AHSNB) would like to thank you for performing at the Cultural Gala on May 22nd.



 AHM 2010 Performance Your group’s performance was stunning and perfectly portrayed the diversity of Asian Culture. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We are very appreciative of the dedication, time and support your group devoted to making the Cultural Gala a success.



Without your help, Asian Heritage Month celebrations would not have been possible. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who contributed to the success of our events. Thus we hope that we are able to continue working together to ensure Asian Heritage celebrations are successful.


Once again, we are appreciative of your support and dedication to Asian Heritage events and would like to thank you for performing at the Gala.



AHSNB Executive
 Madhu Verma (Chair)          David Lee (Vice Chair)               Tony Mina (Secretary & Treasurer)
(506) 457-0257                   (506) 454-4126                         (506) 471-5545
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it       This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Written by Arthur Jaucian   
May 19, 2010

Sa Pilipinas ito nangyari – hindi sa New Brunswick!

In Fredericton, there was no violence during the elections – in fact, no one was killed or died – in great contrast to the high number of casualties in the recently held elections in the Philippines.

The election of the Filipino CommUNITY of New Brunswick (FCNB) was first conceived in 2009 with the general membership in a unanimous agreement so that all of the on-going efforts in the CommUNITY will be more organized, well participated, CommUNITY efforts will be properly recognized and appreciated by many. Soon, a rough draft of the prerequisites for membership and candidacy were formulated; a process was also agreed upon in the positions to be filled, methods of voting and nominations.

Experienced individuals reviewed the proposed election procedure notes and -after the corresponding changes - the final paper was approved which becomes the FCNB Election Procedures and By-Laws and handed to the election committe for implementation. The Election Committee volunteered to oversee the CommUNITY election which was held on May 15, 2010 at the Morning Gate Church (Fredericton). After the initial tabling of the nomination list, additional nominations were accepted on the floor.* The final list of candidates was posted in the election room where voters can seriously pick their choice of candidates.* Casting of ballots was done in the same room.*

There were 89.2 % voters turn out. After the official closure, all the ballots were counted and tallied in front of the electoral body for transparency.* At the end of elections, ballots were disposed of at the direction of a motion from the floor according to Section IX: Election Day Procedures of the FCNB Election Procedures and By-Laws

* The election has been organized and conducted in accordance with the FCNB Election Procedures and By-Laws.

The following were proclaimed by the Committee on Elections as the CommUNITY core group officers:
President: Rollan Moreno
Vice-President: Arthur Jaucian
Secretary: Amalia Gaspar
Treasurer: Heidi Abad
Auditor: Rodolfo Dimayacyac
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