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Written by Arthur Jaucian   
May 19, 2010

Sa Pilipinas ito nangyari – hindi sa New Brunswick!

In Fredericton, there was no violence during the elections – in fact, no one was killed or died – in great contrast to the high number of casualties in the recently held elections in the Philippines.

The election of the Filipino CommUNITY of New Brunswick (FCNB) was first conceived in 2009 with the general membership in a unanimous agreement so that all of the on-going efforts in the CommUNITY will be more organized, well participated, CommUNITY efforts will be properly recognized and appreciated by many. Soon, a rough draft of the prerequisites for membership and candidacy were formulated; a process was also agreed upon in the positions to be filled, methods of voting and nominations.

Experienced individuals reviewed the proposed election procedure notes and -after the corresponding changes - the final paper was approved which becomes the FCNB Election Procedures and By-Laws and handed to the election committe for implementation. The Election Committee volunteered to oversee the CommUNITY election which was held on May 15, 2010 at the Morning Gate Church (Fredericton). After the initial tabling of the nomination list, additional nominations were accepted on the floor.* The final list of candidates was posted in the election room where voters can seriously pick their choice of candidates.* Casting of ballots was done in the same room.*

There were 89.2 % voters turn out. After the official closure, all the ballots were counted and tallied in front of the electoral body for transparency.* At the end of elections, ballots were disposed of at the direction of a motion from the floor according to Section IX: Election Day Procedures of the FCNB Election Procedures and By-Laws

* The election has been organized and conducted in accordance with the FCNB Election Procedures and By-Laws.

The following were proclaimed by the Committee on Elections as the CommUNITY core group officers:
President: Rollan Moreno
Vice-President: Arthur Jaucian
Secretary: Amalia Gaspar
Treasurer: Heidi Abad
Auditor: Rodolfo Dimayacyac
After the proclamation, special thanks were given to the the CommUNITY Election Committee composed of the following:
Josie Mooers – Chairwoman
Nancy Gariepy – Secretary
Hanna Handojo – Observer (in charge of phone-in process)
Expressions of gratitude and appreciation were also given to Patrick (Pastor of Morning Gate Church) and his wife, Mercy, for their excellent reception. Joey Herrin was also commended for his excellent photography and Dennis Chiva also helped in the ballot counting and site preparations.

Potluck victory celebration followed after the announcement of the newly elected officers. Short speeches from the elected core group officers were rendered.  The first item in their agenda is to work on the creation of committees to oversee the activities of the CommUNITY.

After the potluck dinner, practise for the Asian Heritage Month GALA and Fredericton Cultural Extrvaganza  was done under the supervision of the Josie Mooers and Ms. Gina Moreno. The following dances were rehearsed:

Paypay de Manila
A dance that originated in the capital city (Manila) around the 19th century.  In this lively dance, the young ladies carry scented fans or “paypay” and flirt with young men with canes and straw hat; once more giving evidence of the Spanish influence.

Daling – Daling
This traditional dance was brought over from the Mindanao archipelago in the Southern part of the Philippines.. The phrase "daling daling" actually originated from the English word "darling". The main characteristic of the dance is the verbal interchange between the male and female dancers.

Polka Sa Nayon
This ballroom polka was popular in the province of Batangas in the Spanish time.  It was usually danced during town fiestas and in big social events.

Tinikling (CommUNITY Dance Signature)
This dance is usually performed between two long bamboo poles.  The dancers imitate the movements of the tikling birds as they play and chase each other.  Hence it is named after the bird, tikling. The dancers show their skill, endurance, sprightliness, and grace by nimbly hopping and leaping between the poles that are clapped in time to the music.

Josie Mooers/Arthur Jaucian


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