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The Filipino caregiver could be one of the best caregivers whom you could hire to take care of your children, elderly and persons with disabilities since they are trained for the job. They are well known as a kind heart people, warm people and most of all sensitive and easy to adapt in all ways of life style.



We have members of our CommUNITY that are presently here in New Brunswick that are looking for employers.


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Written by Arthur Jaucian   

Roland Moreno, Josie Mooers, Arthur Jaucian - Fredericton Business Ambassadors


Fredericton City is home to very talented and sociable Filipinos and other immigrants. We have been promoting the city to many people for many years. Thus, when we received an invitation from the City Government to be officially involved in its promotions, we readily accepted the offer. 


Three FCNB representatives (Roland Moreno, Josie Mooers, Arthur Jaucian) were among the sixty-five new members welcomed into the Fredericton Business Ambassador Program during a ceremony at City Hall on June 9, 2010.  People of different races, countries and backgrounds came to the activity.  “We now have 340 dedicated citizens who have made a commitment to promote Fredericton as a smart, sustainable city whenever and wherever they travel,” said Councillor Stephen Chase in welcoming the newest ambassadors (quoted from Fredericton City Website). “All of us on City Council are extremely appreciative of our Fredericton Ambassadors who are out there helping us promote our great city.”


As “One of the World’s Top Seven Intelligent Communities” (ICF), Fredericton is home to over 70% of the province's knowledge industry, over 60 R&D organizations, and Canada's largest per capita engineering cluster.  Fredericton is Canada's first free, wireless city with Fred-eZone. With the 4th highest university-educated population in Canada, Fredericton has a skilled, young workforce to meet your needs! Fredericton is also earning international attention for its sustainability initiatives geared towards reducing the City’s ecological footprint.  In Fredericton, one can also enjoy a balanced lifestyle with abundant recreational and cultural amenities, short commutes and affordable, safe living. You can see why the City was named three years running as “One of Canada's Best Places to Live" (Moneysense) and the 2009 Cultural Capital of Canada (Government of Canada).

Ambassadors are given a one-hour training session and a supply of business card CDs to distribute to people they meet during their travels and meetings. The goal is to promote Fredericton as a smart, sustainable city offering a cost-competitive business environment and a balanced lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to see Fredericton grow and prosper, now and for future generations, by attracting new businesses, residents, conferences, events and opportunities to the city. Business people, professionals and university faculty who receive clients and visitors from out-of-town or travel beyond Fredericton to meet with clients and attend conferences or other events are ideal candidates to become ambassadors for the City. The program also welcomes professional recruiters, newcomers and immigrants as well as university students and alumni who are in a position to spread the word about Fredericton to their networks beyond the city. 

The City will host an awards ceremony later this year to acknowledge the contributions of its ambassadors and to select a Business Ambassador of the Year based on distribution of promotional tools, lead generation, investment attraction, and immigration/population growth-related initiatives. The program is as simple as having the knowledge and tools (i.e. business card CDs) to distribute during meetings and travels.  There is no associated cost or extra time commitment – other than the initial one hour training session.

“I am proud to say I’m an ambassador and thrilled to be part of this movement,” said Councillor Chase, who chairs the City’s Development Committee. “We have a great community with a lot to offer and participating in this program is a great way to spread this message and ensure our future is even brighter.”


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