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Need Caregivers?

The Filipino caregiver could be one of the best caregivers whom you could hire to take care of your children, elderly and persons with disabilities since they are trained for the job. They are well known as a kind heart people, warm people and most of all sensitive and easy to adapt in all ways of life style.



We have members of our CommUNITY that are presently here in New Brunswick that are looking for employers.


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Live-In Caregiver Program

Golden Heart Caregiver


If you are interested or need more information you can contact us at for more information.



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Public Performances
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The Filipino-Canadian Community of New Brunswick (FCNB) INC. has been actively participated in ethno cultural activities over the last eight years. We believe that performing these activities helps in promoting cultural understanding and enhance the diversity of Canada, our beloved adopted country. For more information on our past performances, please visit us at


One of our objectives is preserve and promotes the Filipino culture and ethnicity among its members as well as promotes awareness of this heritage in the Canadian community. Furthermore, we encourage participation of our members in multicultural activities within New Brunswick and in other communities.


Below is the list of our  CommUNITY public cultural performances:



 2005 CommUNITY Performances

2006 CommUNITY Performances


2007 CommUNITY Performances


2008 CommUNITY Performances


2009 CommUNITY Performances

2010 CommUNITY Performances  


2011 CommUNITY Performances


2012 CommUNITY Performances



2013 CommUNITY Performances


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Filipino-Canadian CommUNITY of New Brunswick (FCNB) Inc.

28 Saunders Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick   E3B 1N1

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(506) 460-8988                            Contact US!